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Arampatzi Flavia

Arampatzi Flavia


Lawyer Flavia Arabatzi graduated from the Department of Law of the Demokrite University of Thrace in 2013 with the grade "very good". In October 2013, he passed the entrance exams of the Master's Program of Studies, Department of Public Law, Direction of Administrative Law of the Democritus University of Thrace, receiving the corresponding title. As a half-Italian, she speaks Italian like a native but also knows the English language at an excellent level.

Since 2015, he has been appointed as a Lawyer at the Court of First Instance of Rodopi and since then he has been practicing law with dedication and consistency. He is a key executive and partner of the Law Firm that was founded in 2019 and now lists three offices based in Komotini and branches in Athens and Thessaloniki. In this course of combat law, he has handled many cases of a criminal nature, especially drugs and illegal immigrants, but also disciplinary law of prisoners. Her successes include complex cases that she handled together with Ms. Saripanidou, where the acquittal of the accused led to significant amounts of compensation for the victims. In addition to criminal law, he handles with great zeal and success cases of an administrative nature before all state authorities, of the Independent Authorities but also of the Administrative Courts of the country. She is characterized by her demeanor and her combative temperament.


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